Monday August 31st 2015

WU – 10-15 minutes
Deadlift (warm up to what your using for the WOD) x 5
Progression to the pull ups (if your doing regular pull ups for the WOD then do banded or rows for the warm up) x 5

WOD – 21,15,9
Bar muscle ups / c2b / pull ups / ex rows
Bodyweight deadlift

10-15 minutes of stretching / coach leads the stretches

If you can go body weight on your deadlift do so. Push hard and keep great form and have fun!


Thursday August 27th 2015

WU –
1min Air Squats (pause and mobilize at bottom)
2min Push Up to Down Dog (pause in down dog and mobilize shoulders, hams and calves)
1min PVC Pass Through
2min OHS with PVC

Tabata push up (4:00 mins 20 on 10 off)
Max Box Jump 3min
Tabata Situp (4:00 mins 20 on 10 off)
Max Toes to bar 3:00 mins
Mountain climbers tabata (4:00 mins 20 on 10 off)
Max Wall Ball 3min
total reps on each movement.

Have fun!

Thursday August 19th 2015

WU – 2 rounds
1 min hollow rocks / sit ups
1 min in and out (hands holding the rig)
1 min deep lunge
1 min big arm circles
1 min HRPU

Deadlift warm up – warm up your deadlift to your deadlift weight. For the WOD

2:00 max deadlift reps (M-275/315) (F-135/185)
2:00 max box jumps
2:00 mins rest
1:00 max deadlift reps (M-225/275) (F-95/135)
1:00 max box jumps
1:00 rest

2nd Part – 10 minute AMRAP -Team (divide room in half)
Row – 25 pull each
Burpees – the rest of the team does burpees while the other person on the team rows there 25 pulls then rotate.

The deadlift is suppose to be heavy. You might only get 10-20 reps in 2:00 mins or you might get a bunch more. Work hard and have fun, focus on pulling with your hamstrings and squeeze your but to stand up. Let’s have a great workout !

Wednesday August 19th 2015

WU – flight simulator
Air squat
Jump rope (singles)

10 back squats 75/55
30 DU’s
5 mins AMRAP
2 mins rest
10 back squats 75/55
30 DU’s
200 meter farmers walk
7 minutes AMRAP
2 mins rest
10 back squats 75/55
30 DU’s
200 meter farmers walk
10 t2b
9 mins AMRAP

Monday August 17th 2015

WU – 12 minutes
30 secs of movement on 30 secs of stretching
Air Squat
Deep lunge
Downward dog
Jump squats

WOD – 7 rounds for time :
400 meter run
21 lunges
15 push ups
9 burpees

Please really focus on good form on everything. This is a workout that is going to take a little while so work hard, pace yourself a little bit and have fun. We are running a lot because the end of summer is near and we won’t run at all pretty much. We will row often and hopefully do some air dyne biking as well. Let get it this week and have a great time !

Friday August 14th 2015

WU – 30 on 15 off 4 rounds
Push ups
Sit ups
Standing in place high knees
Butt kicker air squat

Front squat warm up – 10 minutes

WOD – 8 minute AMRAP Front squat and Kettlebell
10 burpee open (AMRAP of front squats and kettlebell swings start after your burpees are done)
7 Front Squats (M-155/F-85)
14 Kettlebell swing (M-53,70/F-35)
10 burpee close

Work on good form with a heavier load. When the number of reps per round is lower like this it’s time to challenge yourself to go heavier. Let’s have fun and kill this WOD!