Thursday December 4th 2014

WU1: 5 minutes of Jump Rope
WU2: “Bar Only” 3 rounds of – 10 Good Mornings/10 Back Squats/10 Deadlifts
Strength: 7×7 Deadlift
WOD: “Jump and Row”
Only double unders and sprint rowing is involved in this WOD.
There are two groups:
– One person will be rowing 350m and the rest of the group will be doing double unders/singles for the duration it takes for the person to complete 350m.
– For example, if there are two groups of 4 people they will set up the rower on one side of the room, and the other 4 will set up 2nd rower on the other side. The other 3 people that are not rowing are jumping rope. They rotate until 30 minutes are up. So this means they will be jumping rope for a while until it is their turn.
– This is a sprint so the athlete should give their best effort during their row

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